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Fuel-Cell GLC in the Cards!

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Speaking with Autocar Mercedes confirms that they are working on a hydrogen fuel-cell GLC for 2017.

Following in the footsteps of its Japanese rivals Mercedes will debut their own mass produced hydrogen powered car within the next two years. Thomas Weber, Mercedes head of R&D, confirmed; “we are targeting a combined range for the fuel cell and battery of up to 600km [373 miles], along with a refuelling time for the hydrogen tanks of three minutes.”

The new model is expected to wear the GLC F-Cell badge and Mercedes says they intend to debut the hydrogen SUV at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. It would then take another year before Mercedes starts trucking them to your local dealership, with a price tag near £50,000.
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Great that their going towards more environmentally friendly vehicles but I think the future of fuel cells in personal transportation is questionable at best for the near future and Mercedes should try to get their foot into the EV market. The current hydrogen infrastructure is concentrated in one state (California) and that is it. Hydrogen is behind on fueling stations compared to that of electric.

Great idea but if the fueling stations are still limited in 2017 then the Hydrogen GLC may not be a viable option for most of the country.
Take a look at this fueling map and you'll see how sparsely placed they are.
Ultimately I think that people will have the choice of many different fuel types and vehicles making transportation and fuel a much more fair system. if they don't invest in tech now, when the infrastructure is in place, they will be behind.
It'll mostly depend on the next few years and how far they've gone in terms of building a network of retail hydrogen fueling stations. Not looking for the same saturation as petrol but something similar to the electric infrastructure.
I wonder how much governments will commit to investing in such infrastructure. I know Ontario just committed to electric charging infrastructure but hydrogen doesn't seem like it has much momentum right now.

Ontario spends $20M to build electric vehicle charging stations - Toronto - CBC News

The province wants public and private sector partners to build fast-charging electric vehicle stations in cities, along highways and at workplaces, apartments and condominiums, said Premier Kathleen Wynne.

"This program is part of Ontario's new, $325-million green investment fund," Wynne announced Tuesday at the climate change talks in Paris. "We know that for electric vehicles to take off in Ontario there has to be the infrastructure in place."
Governments will ideally move in sync with the private sector since what happens in the private sector in cases like this determine what governments will do.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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