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Hi Guys, I have read the other threads regarding the broken flap hinges.
This is a basic "How to Replace"

Drill out the 4 indents in the corners a 5mm drill is ample, don't go too deep just break thru the outer.
On the Left hand side there is a little panel, to remove this use a very small flat screwdriver and GENTLY prise the 2 small locators on the top (see pic)
Pull the plate out and top down to remove the locking mechanism, remove the wire connector.
Use a small probe, starting on the left hand side, push thru your drilled holes to push the tabs behind out of the way. These will break off if pushed hard.
Put your fingers in the hole where the lock was and pull out the left hand side. When it is just out, prise the rubber boot over the filler neck and wriggle the unit out whilst turning to the right hand side.

To fit the new unit, part number MB-A2536305902.
Insert the left hand (hinge) side first , pull the wire connector thru the hole and attach it to the lock mechanism. wiggle the rubber boot around the filler neck and push unit hard until fully in place, push the lock into the slot and push tabs back in place. Refit fuel cap holding wire in slot and refit filler cover plate. Simpelz.
MB want 2.5 hours and $600 Au. to remove and refit this part. Took me 25 minutes to get it out and 3 minutes to replace.


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