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Garmin dash cams not working in parking mode for long. Power being shut off?

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Afternoon folks

I've had two Garmin mini dash cams fitted to my 2019 GLC, both fitted via parking mode cables to a fuse in the boot.

They don't stay working for long in parking mode so I'm wondering if the fuse used only allows power for a short period? Has anyone encountered this?

I can't imagine the cameras are running the battery voltage too low so quickly? I've only selected two hours but I'm getting about 45 mins tops before they power down- the front camera tends to shut off firstm

Many thanks
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Interested to hear this as I'm looking to add Garmin dashcams to my new 220d and unsure how it should best be installed as I don't want any potential warranty problems. Sorry that doesn't help you of course!
I've had to admit defeat and switch off parking mode. Having done more research it seems parking mode will kill a battery and an auxiliary battery for £300 or so is required.....
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