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So I'm currently in the market and looking at two alternatives. First choice is a 2018 GLC300 with under 20K kms. My second choice is a 2017 Lexus RX350 F Sport 3. Of course I'm leaning towards the MB for all the obvious reasons but there is one issue that continues to stick in the back of my mind. I'm discovering through my research that the Merc may cost me significantly more to operate than the Lexus for three reasons. One, the parts are generally significantly more expensive, even standard normal operating parts such as brake pads. Two, because general service will be more expensive. And three, because the MB will tend to give me more problems.

So I thought I would come straight to the horse's mouth so to speak, to find out how true this is and to gauge peoples experiences.

The one thing I'm thinking that might mitigate the maintenance/operating cost issue is the additional warranty being offered on the "Mercedes Benz Star Certified Pre-Owned" program giving the vehicle an additional 2 years and 40K kms after the manufacturer's base 4 year, 80K kms warranty. So warranty on the 2018 model, likely purchased and delivered in 2017 would likely run until 2023 (so 4 years from now) at which point I would likely trade it in, if not before that.

Given that kind of warranty, is there still a need to worry about maintenance/operating costs particularly as it relates to the occurrence of problems and issues, since most would hopefully be covered by the warranty? Or are there things I still need to consider that are not covered in the warranty?
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