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Getting 2020 GLC 300 to hold radio category/presets?!

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I have a 2020 GLC300. I cannot figure out how to get my radio to stay on a category or on presets. The presets are at the bottom of the screen but every time I start my car the scrolling view defaults to all channels. Help!!!
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I have the same problem on my wife's 2020 GLC300

my 2017 e300 and 2020 s560 don't lose this setting. I'm still researching for an answer.

will see my dealer this week and going to ask the tech. if I get an answer to fix this issue I will post update.
I have same problem with my 2019 GLC300 where the SiriusXM stations that I saved would disappear for no apparent reason. Every now and then, I have to reprogram them back in. I callled Mercedes service shop to inquire and they claimed that they didn't know anything about it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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