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A few weeks ago I had my car washed and suddenly received a notification from MercedesMe that the battery was dangerously low and to drive it 30-60 mins to recharge it. I drove it with for 30 mins and the indicator in the dashboard was still showing red. The sat navigation / media dashboard screen is completely off and only works when car is in reverse mode, but it’s turned off while in any other gear.

The next day I had a long drive of 2.5 hrs each way, so I though it would definitely charge the battery, but after the long day of driving it was still showing on the dashboard as red.

I had the battery checked by Kwik Fit and they advised the battery is charged and working fine, and suggested that it must be a wiring issue.

I am taking the car into the dealership to be looked at but wonder if anyone has ever experienced this issue and if so what was wrong.

Any suggestions is appreciated.

Thank you!
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