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GLC 220d LED Head Light fog up (condensation)

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got our 1 year old GLC last week. and notice the two headlight has a condensation. Does this happen to anyone else? Does it go away or need to go back to dealer? some people say it will go away over times but is been a week and is still there, any suggestion?
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Hi Mercnut, I agree with you. paying so much money for a high end car and does not expect the LED light to fog up. and is totally embarrassing in the car park when a same GLC park next to mine and his light are clear. so the fogged up has been gone for couple of days now (thank god) but sometime on a wet day or after we wash the car it appear again. Contact mercedes and they've ask us to bring it in for them to see.
Mine was clear after 3-4 weeks... and not happen since (finger cross)
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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