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GLC 250 jumping out of gear

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Anyone had their GLC jump into park or neutral? I got stuck the other day when parking my 3 week old GLC 250 petrol - I went from drive into reverse then as soon as I touched the throttle it jumped into park. No matter what I tried it jumped into park as soon as I touched the throttle. Luckily I wasn't blocking the road and after 5-10mins of trying, turning ignition off and on etc... I managed to push it to the side and then it started working fine again
hasn't done it since, but it did go from drive to neutral as I went to set off this morning at traffic lights..

Any ideas what this could be? The car is currently with the dealer but they aren't the best and will probably come back saying its fine!!! (They've already scratched and chipped 3 consecutive wheels and scratched the back of my car when getting the locking wheel nuts from the boot!!
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Welcome Meclive, can you please fill in your location on your profile so we know where you are and which market your car is registered in.
I haven't seen this issue brought up before, may have been prudent to have filmed a video of it happening so the can't come the usual " we can't get it to replicate the issue".
At the same time did anyone open a door, or not close it properly ?
Either getting out or visually checking kerb ?
Car safety kicks in and you have to press brake release button under dash to re set so transmission lever is active again.
Same problem with my brand new GLC 300, only drove two weeks, first week this happened in parking lot and second week happened at an intersection. I was blocking a lot of cars like I did not know how to drive. In the dealer for 9 days, changing chips but could not fix it and could not find root cause. Do not know what to do yet .
I’m in the UK. I’m speaking to the dealer principle tomorrow about this as I’ve not had the issue taken seriously so far. I have video recorded it happening. I’ve been stuck in the road numerous times now and only had the car 24 days! Is there anywhere to upload the video here to share?
Update: no doors were opened when this has been happening and it only seems to happen at low speeds. On testing the car only jumps into park when the drivers door is opened, opening the other doors doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Update 2: seems someone else had this issue (taken from another forum) - “I had the same issue. At one point car went into neutral on a down hill slope and collided with an object and created damage to my rear end. After about 45 minutes I was able to get it into gear and drove it to the dealership. Eventually they determined the issue with transmission after working with engineers in Germany. It had to deal with the computer system if I remember correctly. Anyway, dealer fixed the issue after several attempts and even paid for the rear end body work.”
I talked with the service manager, it is over currency problem (but not 100% sure the root cause). The car is still in shop waiting for parts.
Got a call this afternoon, my GLC300 was fixed by replaying the current limiter and a relay as well as a nut. The car will be ready tomorrow for picking up. I sure hope they find the root cause. Good luck to everybody here who has similar issues.
My dealer has done a "software update" on the car to rectify the gearbox issue - apparently this came direct from Mercedes in Germany. Pick the car up soon so time will tell whether this resolves the issue...
The software update didn't work - it's back at the dealership...
Any further updates?

The software update didn't work - it's back at the dealership...
This is worrying stuff. I was thinking of buying this model. Has your car been fixed?
Dealer couldn’t fix it so they refunded me for the car. They said it was an issue with the petrol model variant and MB engineers in Germany are looking into it - no fix for it yet though... based on my experience I can’t recommend anyone buy this car and I’ll be avoiding mercedes in future as the after care service is shocking.
The software update didn't work - it's back at the dealership...
This is worrying stuff. I was thinking of buying this model. Has your car been fixed?
see post above
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