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GLC 250d AMG Line - poor quality control and design flaws.

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I have owned my GLC 250d AMG Line since April 2016 and was very happy initially with my choice of car until i started to notice several annoying design faults and/or poor quality control.

1) In cooler conditions < 7c front tyres grind on tyre wall making a terrible noise causing crabbing.
2) At speed, driving over small imperfections in the road surface the car is thrown off line as if the run flat tyre walls are too stiff.
3) Driving at speed in bends you have to often take two bites at the steering
4) Drivers seat positioning forces driver to fall towards centre console or to drivers door, very difficult to sit in the middle of the seat.
5) Sat Nav takes an age to calculate, particularly annoying if you miss a turning as it can take a minute or more to re calculate.
6) Poor climate control always having to control manually for optimum heating.
7) Heating blowers at feet very weak but when you oscillate throw controls speed increases but then decreases when you select final position.
8) when you brake hard and come to a stop its as if the engine overruns
9) Running boards are completely tarnished after just 3 months.

I raised all these points with the main dealer and i am very disappointed with their response. Basically, they said i need winter tyres which is ridiculous at these temps surely the MB have choose the wrong tyres for this vehicle. Steering and sat nav software update but I've noticed no improvement. Everything else they basically dismissed.

Not at all what i expect from a £45k premium vehicle .
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