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Hi there, can someone please advise where I can purchase running boards for my 2016 GLC 300? :giggle:

Thanks in advance
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In all seriousness, why would you want them? They look nice but they make the car more annoying to get in and out of for 99% of use cases (including being more difficult for young kids).
Oh ok. Thanks. No young kids 😁
I didn't mean you did, Ive just seen people assume that they help with kids and after trying out the GLC with running boards and seeing our toddler struggle to climb in, we ordered without. Our toddler finds it much easier to get in without the running boards, as do my wife and I (5'2" and 5'11" respectively).

The car is too low to need them, and instead of giving you a platform to step up to they just force you to spread your legs/hips more getting in/out so you step past them.
Hi, Im a new one here, I was wondering should I set up a racing steering wheel. I mean, I like the way it looks but I’m not that sure about the practical side. Does anybody have it? Is that suitable in terms of options and stuff.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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