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I am having an issue with the back-up camera opening and closing at the wrong time.
If the camera is activated by reversing or getting close to an object, it closes once I get to about 20mph, but then opens again when I slow down or stop. It keeps opening and closing as I slow down and speed up. and the activation noise is very annoying.
The console screen doesn't show the camera image, and it was very intermittent when the car was new (June 2020).
It now happens all the time.
It has been with the dealership for 3 weeks and they can't find the problem.
They have replaced the camera and lots of wiring, and recalibrated multiple times as well as doing multiple software updates.
Anyone had similar issues or have any incite into what the issue might be?

2020 GLC 300 4matic SUV, parking package, premium package.
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