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(Admins, feel free to move this to the correct section)

Right, so after waiting an eternity to get the car, I’ve managed to drive it a bit more, so I thought I’d place a review from an owner / driver point of view.

Polar White GLC350d AMG Line

Added options:
Premium Plus
Air suspension / Airmatic / ABC (whatever you want to call it)
LED Intelligent Lights
20” Alloys
Tow Bar

Why a GLC?

Previously I owned an Audi A6, which was in many ways a perfectly good car. However, I wasn't overly happy with it’s towing ability. (We have a caravan). The problem wasn’t power, more that it had too much swaying around whilst towing. Before the A6 I had a Audi Q3 and this was better at towing and I'd put it down to being a height thing and possibly 4 wheel drive, the Q3 being taller than the A6.

I did look at Volvo XC90 (too large / too expensive) Porsche Macan (too expensive too focused on sportiness?) Audi Q5. I did test drive a new Q5 and absolutely loved it, but it was just too similar to both the A6 and the Q3 interior wise. So I test drove the GLC, almost as an after thought.
If I’m completely honest I didn’t love the GLC as much as I did the Q5 on my initial drive. However, I went for the GLC before the interior wasn’t an Audi interior. Another reason is that I wanted a 3 litre diesel and Audi didn’t do one.
My favourite car I’ve ever owned was a Range Rover Vogue SE 4.2 Supercharged, so in my own little way I was trying to spec the GLC to be as near to the RR was possible whilst making it affordable to run and maintain. My RR was getting about 15 MPG !

Option Choices

I decided from the start that I wouldn’t get any optional “driver assistance” stuff, I wanted to stick to a budget for options. I needed a tow bar and I wanted ABC. Once I added premium plus, larger alloys and intelligent lights my budget was gone. What the heck, I can drive, why do I need all these assistance things, as nice as I think they are...

The Drive

The GLC is a comfortable car, the A6 seats were not comfortable and after an hour of driving you’d get a numb bum. The GLC seats are very good, heated and electrically movable. Fantastic. I’m happy with the ride height. I did spend my months whist waiting for my car looking at every GLC on the road; “Oh their a bit small aren’t they?”
Now I’ve got one, they aren’t as small as they look. Just about everyone I know that’s seen the car says “It’s much bigger than I’d thought” Maybe because it looks like the C Class from the front people think it is a C Class?
The 3 litre V6 diesel engine is an absolute dream. As smooth as you like, great turn of pace and as much torque as the missus - lets hope you doesn’t read this. I didn’t spend enough time in the 4 pot, so I can’t really do a comparison with the V6.
Air suspension is “interesting” and the more I drive the more I like it. At first I felt it was a little like big on a boat, but the feeling soon passes and with the different driving modes you can definitely feel the difference - how the car behaves in sport / sport+ / comfort etc..
I have a drive to the train station everyday and do about 17 miles, I’m getting 31MPG it’s a bit stop start through towns and country lanes. I do expect this to improve over time my A6 diesel certainly did.


In a word; quality. When I first got in the car I opened the centre console where the drink holders are and thought “Hmm, a bit flimsy” because the action was so light. I didn’t get real leather seats as the “Artico” (Artificial Cow?) is perfectly good. Also, leather looks better on a Cow.
Pano roof has a smooth and quiet operation. The whole interior is quality, quiet and umm couldn’t think of another Q word, so Quomfortable will have to do.
I think Command system will take some getting used to as I’ve used Audi’s MMI for about 5 years, but it has potential. Sound system is very good and it’s nice to have USB sockets.
Door bins are huge, glove box is OK and the arm rest “box” is certainly large enough.

Intelligent Lights

Wow. These are a great additional and for not that much extra. I live semi rural so I use high beam a lot, and these automates that. The high beam goes on when you need to, the dip again if you enter say a village with street lights, they also dip when a car approaches. Well, actually that don’t “dip” they just mask the area of the light where the oncoming car is. You have to see it to appreciate it. Of course the very first time I used it for some reason they didn’t dip causing white van man to give me his full beam and horn. After regaining my confidence as well as my eyesight I tried again, this time covering the light stalk with my hand. It’s worked ok ever since, though I’d imagine there will be times in the future when it might not work as I expect.
As you go around corners the lights go with you and a side light comes on for further illuminate the way, they really are rather good. A luxury of course, but for me, worth having over and above running boards which cost about the same.


Overall it was certainly worth the (6 month) wait from when I initial said to the dealer “Order me one”.
Actually I love the car and with wife and friends are fed up with me talking about it. It’s a pleasure to drive, it’s quiet, can be fun, the power of the V6 is unbelievable, really, I’ve had some quick cars and this is up there. It’s not sporty, but then I didn’t want a sports car, I wanted something comfortable, able to tow a caravan, economical and beautiful. It really is one of those cars that you can’t stop looking at, I’m still parking at the car park and pretending to notice something on the body work so that I can walk around it and just look...
The only real dilemma I had was around running boards, I decided against them. In the end it was being intelligent lights and running boards, if I really want to I can get them retro fitted, I couldn’t easily get lights retrofitted…

So, well done Mercedes, you can certainly make cars, but your customer service sucks (not necessarily the dealer, just MB as a company…..

….Now about that crabbing, those airbags, squeaky brakes, the delivery times and customer services….
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GB, if you send me a pm with the changes I will do it for you.

Great report on your car, pleased you like it.

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Thanks for the offer, but, it's only the odd word which make it sound like my first language isn't English :)
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