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GLC 350e - delivery in June

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Hi all,

After spending hours and hours on research, our GLC 350e is finally placed in order. Thanks to "green" taxes the hybrid is the cheapest version in Norway.

Configuration: 350e, Obsidian Black, AMG+, AMG 19" Summer, 18" Winter, DAP, Black Ash, Tech package (led, parking, seat comfort ++).

Three issues during the research: AMG body styling vs. Off Road styling. Obsidian Black vs. Selenit Gray. Running boards or not. In the end, a matter of preferences and cost (and muddy trousers :mad: ). I got the AMG styling and rims, my Wife got the Obsidian Black, and we both agreed about the running boards. They look great on the car, but are very unpractial.

It`s kind of hard to wait until the delivery date in June. We had the car for a Test Drive and its so much fun! Comfort, low running costs (our commute is about 15miles and electricity is cheap in this Country), and strong performance.

My wife and I can't wait to drive this car through Europe this summer.

Added some pictures from the Mercedes Configurator.



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Very nice selection that you and your wife have made. The anxiety to wait for it must be killing you though. What are you driving around currently?
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We are currently driving a Volvo V60. So a GLC hybrid is an upgrade for sure. Cars are expensive to buy in Norway. A few years ago our Government made it cheaper («green» taxes) to buy electric vehicles, and this year plug-in hybrids as well. This opens up for people buying hybrids from premium brands like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Tesla and Volvo at a lower cost. Our build cost around 79`. The GLC 250 4Matic (petrol) around 95`.
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