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109 miles per gallon later leaves AutoExpress considering ditching their diesel for PHEVs.

For the UK market Mercedes will not be offering a petrol engine, period, in its place Mercedes expects the GLC 350e PHEV to soak up the demand. Expected some 18 months after launch the PHEV could and should be a viable option for the company car crowd, excellent mileage and exemption from Congestion Charges.

Hybrids have travelled a long way in a short amount of time, AE reckons the 350e is the second fastest GLC available, 0-60 in 5.9 and a top end of 146 mph. instant electric torque helps to launch you from a standstill and the gasoline engine burts into song with heavy application of the throttle.

Using the 350e's hybrid mode allows the engine and battery to work in conjunction. The two decouple under deceleration in order to harvest energy. AE found that Hybrid mode was their favourite as it offered the best of both power plants. In pure E Mode the GLC 350e will motivate itself at up to 87 mph for 21 miles if you so desire.

If you select the optional sat-nav, part of the executive package, the GLC will actually analyse and plan an optimal operating strategy. The GLC will intelligently save energy where it can, using an accelerator pedal with haptic feedback to goad the driver into lifting and coasting.

Unfortunately the big ding to the Hybrids viability is the reduction in useable cargo area. The hybrid system reduces cargo capacity from 550 litres to 395 litres. If space is a concern the PHEV is likely not for you...
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