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GLC 63 S Edition 1 only £90,824

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I can see His 'n Hers versions of these bad boys being parked on my driveway any time soon :crying: I did manage to paint Red Ken's calipers bright red in solidarity though. :grin2:

GLC 63 S
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Red painted calipers? This I'd like to see! Or course because it's a GLC 63 S edition too.
Best upgrade ever!!! Once the paint had dried there was 503 bhp on tap. :laugh:

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Good luck with your lottery entry Toobad.
I see you got a slight discount with your GLC 63 S Edition 1. It's certainly a beauty, though it would be nice if Mercedes were to offer it with performance upgrades as well.

That's fine, just stick on a decal and you'll instantly gain more hp! We all know that's how car stickers work, especially flaming ones.
throwing in free maintenance for a few years would be great since it benefits both us and them
those 3 years free save you a lot and could get them a long term customer after the 3 years are up.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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