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Hi everyone, new here.

I currently drive a Mazda CX-5 and its nice and has been good to me but im thinking of swapping it for a new Mercedes GLC And im hoping you can all help.

2yrs ago i was dignosed with a condition called tinnitus and loud noises over 70dbl can make it worse. The cabin noise in my 2015 CX-5 is too loud it reachs over 72dbl when at speed on the motorway. Im looking for a car that is quiet in the cabin. Under 70dbl. I have read the GLC has very good soundproofing and when i test drove one it was under 70dbl but i want to check with owners that it is quiet.

I have always wanted a Mercedes-Benz car and love the GLC its the most suited Mercedes for me and am in a postion to afford a GLC.

Do you find your GLC quiet?

My friends are telling me to get a audi Q5 as its really quiet but i just dont like it as much as i love the GLC.

I know that tyres can affect cabin noise but i will be putting good quiet tyres on my car.

I also have been told by an American friend that in america mercedes do a sound cancelling upgrade option there. Does anyone know if that is available in the UK?
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As far as I am aware there is no sound cancelling upgrade in the UK, I found the GLC to be very quiet. My advice would be to decide which model you would buy and ask for an extended test drive. Here are comparisons between the GLC and Q5, GLC is quieter:
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Thanks for your reply. I wonder at what speed the dbl reading was taken. As i doubt the GLC will remain at 68dbl. When i did my test drive ( i did a 48hr test drive) at 70mph it was 62dbl so lower than the link.
I have a GLC 43 and due to performance orientation I would not call it quiet as compared to the other models. I also had a 5 series BMW and it was the quietest car I have ever owned....Good luck
I have a GLC250 sport petrol, it is VERY quiet, probably one of the quietest cars I have owned.
You may need to consider an electric vehicle.

I just got my GLC250D and it is subjectively very quiet compared to my Mark V Golf TDI but I have not measured it.
We have a new GLC200 2019 “ultimate edition”, it’s the quietest cabin in the range but a little less powerful and only 2 wheel drive. This means less noise all around.

Upside is even with 20” AMG RIMS the factory issued are very very quiet and no crabbing issues except under polished concrete car parks where there is normal car noise on hard lock turns.

Good luck with 70db
regardless of your choice I’d suggest placing some soft coverings within the cabin. It doesn’t take much to absorb the sound frequencies that affect you with a few strategically placed layers on the rear seats. Think of the plush sound effect of sheepskin covers.
Hi, I saw your post highlighted in the regular "Trending posts" from this forum. Could not help but noticing that you are considering switching from a Mazda CX-5 to a MB GLC. I had a CX-5 diesel but have switched over to the MB GLC 350e 2017, which is the plug-in hybrid type sold in Europe for a short period.

The big difference between the two cars is the noise level. The GLC is really quiet, but the noise of the Mazda was its main con. Otherwise, the Mazda is more of a Jeep like SUV, the Mercedes more like a crossover. The ride of the Mercedes is much more comfortable and it treats you well on long trips. I have driven both cars in Iceland in harsh winter conditions, but now I am in Switzerland with the MB GLC. Have not encountered any serious winter challenges here compared to Iceland, but the GLC is nice for travelling. I have taken it for trips through Germany to the Netherlands and also to Italy and France. As said earlier, it is good for long travels. The tyres on the car are 235/60 R18V MO Pirelli Scorpion Verde. They come with a wide ranging guarantee by Pirelli if you buy them at an approved dealer and register them at the Pirelli customer club.

The main con of the GLC plug-in hybrid is its limited electric range. Only 25 km at favourable conditions. It makes the car heavier to have two drive systems and two fuel systems, but on the other hand the combined power of the electric and petrol motors is 327 hp, with an acceleration 0-100 km/h in less than 6 seconds which is pretty good for a car of this size and weight:)
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Do not get the GLC or GLC AMG. This vehicle has major design flaws. The tires grab and make a horrible noise when making turns. Do your homework and search problems with GLC. If you really want one I'll sell you mine. It is brand new with 3K miles on it.
The tyres on my 250d don't grab or make horrible noises and I'm running Vredestein all seasons on 20" AMG wheels. They never did even from new and now the knuckle issue on mine has been sorted there is no clonk on full lock at low speed either, I've tried several times to get that and can't.

There is tyre noise certainly but no more than my previous BMW 2wd or 2 Audi Quatros and much depends on the road surfaces locally, some of ours are very rough and as in any car you definitely feel the potholes if you can't avoid them.

In general I find the GLC at least as quiet as the other cars I've had which all had leather so no upholstery sound deadening, I've suffered fro tinnitus for a long time now and the car doesn't affect me. I've owned the car for 26 months and driven 14,000 miles so enough to have an informed opinion.

As said you need to borrow one for a weekend and decide for yourself, it's all subjective.
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