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GLC AMG Sport Here for 2017

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If you're not content with the 2.0L 241 horsepower GLC300, Mercedes will launch the GLC 450 AMG Sport just for you...

Due out in Spring 2016 as a model year 2017, the GLC450 will feature the same 362 hp 3.0L V6 Turbo as the C450 AMG and GLE450 AMG.

The GLC450 AMG Sport is expected to launch with the production GLC Coupe. Rumor has it torque vectoring may even be included. Unfortunately for even bigger speed freaks Mercedes does not currently have plans to build a full fledged AMG model featuring a certain twin turbo V8 that most certainly will fit.

Pricing remains unannounced.
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120 more horsepower is a pretty nice jump in power. How much more do you think that will make the price though?
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