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Hi Guys,

Picked up our 2017 GLC prem plus yesterday, after lengthy discussions with the dealer prior to purchase asking if the comand has been updated and the maps in it's lifetime, and them telling me yes it would have been done during services, found on my drive this morning after checking, the dealer has barefaced lied and the maps are still the factory 2017 items.

I've had a look at the dealer menu and located these details also about the versions.... I explained that its quite common knowledge for dealers not to have applied the maps and comand updates unless the customer specified they want the update during it's first 3 years (information i found from searching on here) but they explained it "would" have been done when it was serviced.

Am I within my rights to request these are done as they advised they were, also does comand update automatically as they claim or looking at these details Am i correct in saying its all at factory levels:

2017 (v10.0) Europe

SW Headunit: 2059021916
SW Version: 16/31/5
SW Label: 229.40c
Flash Loader Version: 16/31/5
HW Version: 16/32/1
OptDrive Firmware version: 2970

Appreciate any help/feedback
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