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Hi All,
I am hoping you can help. I just purchased on finance a 21 plate 220d glc a couple of weeks ago. And already have a scenario where I need to replace something.
My my partner accidently knocked over 4 let’s of liquid in the boot, and for some unknown reason she decided to use a hair dryer to dry it out, Unfortunately she got the hairdryer to close the carpet , and it burnt the carpet.
Given this is car is affecting leased id like to give the car back in a good state.

Couple of question ;
• is it best to get it re Up upholstered
•Or just buy new carpet boot liner
• I have seen that you can get rubber mats ( that sit on top of the carpet to protect the carpet) any recommendations on what to get ?

I have attached the following image of what’s on the cargo floor.
I am based in Essex, UK

Many thanks
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My opinion is to replace the burnt carpet with a genuine Mercedes part, car lease companies expect their cars back in good condition with all original equipment, the do make allowances for fair wear and tear.

Mercedes parts are not always as expensive as some would believe, it’s worth a trip to the parts counter.

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