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Nice find OP! That is a decent imitation of the pukka Mercedes boot liner Pt. No. 253-814-00-00 which costs £100. After spending ages thrashing out a price we were both happy with and with pen poised to sign the deal, I told the salesman I expected to find one in the boot on collection. He caved immediately so I suspect they are one of the sacrificial sweeteners used to close a deal. If you don't need the lip, you can get a rubber liner for £17.49 delivered:

Calibre Autoparts tailored rubber boot liner for GLC

They also do a set of 4 rubber floor mats for £19.99 delivered. So much better than wrecking the stock velour overmats, especially at this time of year:

Tailored Rubber Floor Mat Set for GLC
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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