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Runflats are the moronic way to gain modest space by trading: performance, ride quality, safety, versatility, tire quality and limited replacement options, dubious reliability, initial weight and expense. Even if you can't change a tire, it's cheaper to join AAA. The concept of run-flats especially in any vehicle claiming any offroad capabilities is a bad joke. Driving anywhere other than the populous coasts in the U.S., it's easy to find yourself more than 50 miles from any service. Such a 'minor' consideration in deciding about a $50,000 purchase? You're **** right; veto BMW, GLC, w/ Q5 marginal as it's a fake spare. Bought fantastic Nokia WR tires for an old Forester; true winter rating but quiet, longwearing 4 seasons as well, which also made it drive like a better car. Looking at the same for '13 Impreza with crap for OEM tires. Guess what choices you'll have when your OEM runflats wear at 15-20k? Same junk tires period, and they cost a fortune. Collusion between mfg and tire makers takes advantage of average user ignorance. Will 'self-driving' cars change their own flats?
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