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GLC design flaw Air con puncture

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Just found out today that I need a new air conditioner radiator. It seems that my radiator was punctured by an exposed screw on the lower front fascia. That screw sits about an inch and a half from the bottom of the radiator and points right at it. The lower front fascia of the bumper is flexible and if you touch anything with it the fascia flexes inwards pushing the screw through the radiator. My bumper and fascia don't even have a scratch on them and to the best of my knowledge I have never run into anything. Because it's winter here I haven't used my air con for a few months and had no idea it's not working. Now they have told me it will be an expensive fix. What kind of design is it that leaves a sharp metal screw in that position? You can push the fascia with your hand and it will flex that screw right into the radiator. Terrible design. Any one else experienced this yet?
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Not heard of it marvanitis, can you get it covered under warranty if it is a design fault.

Would help if you added your location to your profile, a lot of the queries on here are market specific.
can you take a picture of where we are talking about?
Should be covered by factory warranty since it's a manufacturer cause problem and not because you jammed a nail there. Don't think I've heard of this happening to anyone else, though if this is a common nail placement, then other people may get a punctured radiator as well in due time.
I think I can see the screw in question but it's a good 2" in front of the rad so the car must have had a hard push on the front for it to connect . Car park dodgems? I might whip it out and grind it down a bit if I'm feeling bored one day, just in case !

Hello All,

I just wondered if anybody else had experienced this problem or knew what the outcome was to the above as we have had the exact same problem!

We have taken it to Mercedes after only having the car for 3 months only to be told we must have hit something (no damage to the car anywhere else) and we will be charged to replace it at around £800!?

There is no damage to the car, we haven’t hit anything new to our knowledge and there is this enormous screw which has punctured the radiator which just looks like a horrendous design?

If anybody knows what the outcome to the above was and can give us some advice that would be amazing.

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Same thing just happened to a friend today. He bumped into a concrete parking bar. Dealer says $2500 to fix. He bought the car yesterday. Has anyone else heard of these types of incidents? He said the screw placement isn't protected and the screw is too long for the location. THe protector pushed against the concrete & it's screw pushed back into the ac. Ridiculous design.
I'm not sure I have the answer to your question, but I do know one thing for sure-you need a new and better air conditioner. When I was faced with a similar situation, I immediately realized that it was time to change the old device to a new, more reliable and high-quality one. This is exactly what I was helped with a lot I don't remember exactly where I found this resource, but I can tell you for sure that this is the best thing I've found in my last years. It was here that I managed to find my new air conditioner which has been working without problems for several years
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