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Just found out today that I need a new air conditioner radiator. It seems that my radiator was punctured by an exposed screw on the lower front fascia. That screw sits about an inch and a half from the bottom of the radiator and points right at it. The lower front fascia of the bumper is flexible and if you touch anything with it the fascia flexes inwards pushing the screw through the radiator. My bumper and fascia don't even have a scratch on them and to the best of my knowledge I have never run into anything. Because it's winter here I haven't used my air con for a few months and had no idea it's not working. Now they have told me it will be an expensive fix. What kind of design is it that leaves a sharp metal screw in that position? You can push the fascia with your hand and it will flex that screw right into the radiator. Terrible design. Any one else experienced this yet?
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