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GLC Interior Video

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AutoBlog took the GLC on a ride through Switzerland and France and during that time they took a video of the interior. Just thought I would share it with everyone.

On Location in Switzerland and France in the 2016 Mercedes GLC

The passenger seat options look extensive too.
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Someone summed it up well right here:

6 Days Ago
This is not an Autoblog criticism, but rather of the automotive journalism industry in general.

I've seen this with so many reviews on Youtube. Journalist flies all the way to another country to do a review or a road trip. Then comes back and uploads a 5 minute video. That isn't a review. Its a paid vacation on company time and expense.
Those journalists forgot that REAL people are buying these things, we're no 14 year olds in a mercedes dealer, we have money and want to know what we need to know.
Now that you mention it, it's odd that he didn't take a video of himself driving the vehicle or messing around with the center console. Lets hope that a more in depth review will be coming our way soon.
Nice little video of the interior. I like the interior a lot. Quilted seats are nice too.
The quilted leather seats gives the GLC a luxurious feel but it will probably cost a pretty penny to add as an option.
Yea I suppose they are gonna cost quite a bit extra. I'll have to see if I can justify it in the end. I really like them.
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