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GLC M&S tyres in deep snow

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I have a GLC AMG 2.5 with M&S tyres. In two weeks I'm driving to Austria where they have had 12ft snow in the last few weeks. Roads will most probably be clear but as I'm skiing there will be a fair bit of driving up mountain roads. Planned to take snow chains (from previous BMW 4X4) but now see that there is no clearance to fit them. I am having to accept the idea I need to buy another set of wheels, winter tyres and chains but having reviewed the handbook can find no information or recommendations. Anyone know where I can get some advice? Thanks
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Hi Janice and welcome to the forum. If you add your rough location to your profile, we'll be able to see where you live in all your future posts. Obviously suitable chains will be dictated by your actual tyre size. I'm guessing you have an AMG Line trim model rather than the actual 43 model with its 2 widths of tyre. I suspect your best information will come from a snow chain specialist. Have a look at these guys:

The Snow Chain Store

In terms of popularity Konig is probably the brand leader. They originally started out in the Alps region of Italy so I guess they know what they are doing :D

Konig Snow Chains
Go online and search on line handbook for additional info re Snow chains.
“ If you have fitted snow chains to the front wheels, they may scrape against the vehicle body or chassis components. This could cause damage to the vehicle or the tyres. There is a risk of an accident.
To avoid hazardous situations:
never fit snow chains on the front wheels
fit snow chains to the rear wheels in pairs.”
“ If you intend to fit snow chains, please bear the following points in mind:
snow chains cannot be fitted to all wheel-tyre combinations. Permissible wheel-tyre combinations more.
only use snow chains if the road surface is completely snow-covered. Remove the snow chains as soon as possible when you come to a road that is not snow-covered.
local regulations may restrict the use of snow chains. Observe the appropriate regulations if you wish to fit snow chains.
do not exceed the maximum permissible speed of 50 km/h.
on vehicles with AIR BODY CONTROL, you must drive only at raised vehicle level if snow chains have been fitted more.
when snow chains are fitted, never use Active Parking Assist more.
You may wish to deactivate ESP® when pulling away with snow chains fitted:
All vehicles more
This way you can allow the wheels to spin in a controlled manner, achieving increased driving force (cutting action). Information about driving with an emergency spare wheel more.“

Good luck, on line manual has extra info.
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