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GLC off road

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Click on the link below to see the GLC diesel getting put through it's paces off road around what looks like a very uneven vineyard ? It has the Euro spec' off road package & Unique (to the off road package) 18" wheels. I hope mine comes with Michelin Latitude Cross tyres but I think I'll be disappointed.

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Here's another cracking vid' of what looks like a pre-production model getting put through it's paces.

Apologies if it's been posted before.
Hey at least we know curbs won't be a problem.... which is what 90% of these will experience... accidentally running up curbs, being mainly in the city with little off road action.

Anyone here really planning to go off road.
ME !

As an Electrical Engineer for the local power company I am often in rural locations off the beaten track (we put overhead power lines in some difficult to get to places in the UK), so it will get it's feet dirty at work. We have some (relatively) large landowners in the Northumberland / Durham area who have miles of private tracks which are often very muddy and uneven and not open to the public but I get to drive them at work, brilliant fun and I'm getting paid for it too. Any chance I can get to have a play off road is always gratefully received too !
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