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GLC recall due to fire risk?

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Perhaps Mercedes has come up with a final solution for their crabbing problem, they are going to burn the evidence :D :D :D
Thanks to RickZ for highlighting this over on the clonking thread. I just thought it needed its own thread to track developments. Here is the article which has just broken across the media:

Mercedes recalls one million vehicles worldwide due to fire risk
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Just be aware the whole bursting into flames thing will only occur if you continue to attempt to crank the starter when the engine is being prevented from turning over thereby drawing a huge amount of current through the starter. Such a condition can occur if the engine becomes hydro-locked. This means you have managed to force water into the engine via the air intake by driving through a sufficiently deep river or into the sea. It is more likely to happen during severe flooding when the depth of the water lying across roads or your appropriate approach speed can be misjudged. TBH, if you are sitting in a pond with the starter motor continually engaged in the hope of spinning up your engine then there has to be an element of Darwinism so don't be surprised if you manage to remove yourself from the gene pool in the process. Far better to push the call button below the rear view mirror and the Mercedes butler will duly appear clad in waders to sort you out.

It occurs to me diesel engines generally have a far more robust starting system so perhaps the recall will only affect the petrol-engined variants across the Mercedes ranges.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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