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GLC Sunroof essential?

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Hello all,
So, today I sat in a brand new GLC AMG line, which was very impressive, it looked like a beast of a car, especially with the diamond grill..although sitting in the drivers seat felt quite daunting compared to my b class.

I originally had intended to enquire about a used one but the latest deals on a new works out similar in price, with some trade offs in my price range ofc, ie new tech(mbux, touch screen for memory seats etc, panoramic roof)
The dealer offered quite an attractive package, but after coming home I realised the particular model he quoted for has no sunroof option(only available on the prem plus) The cab did feel quite dark when I sat inside, so wondering if non sunroof owners find this an issue at all?
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After multiple and many BMW’s, the panoramic roof was high on my must have list, all previous cars had, I think now I’d miss not having, however, I guess if you’ve never had you’ll never miss.

My priorities were distinct, I got a premium, at the time the roof was included, I was willing to compromise on towbar and elected to install aftermarket,
I also compromised on the Audio package, overlooking the obvious, whilst regretful, aftermarket upgrades are available
Whereas, a Panoramic roof is a tad different, if you think you want one now, you’ll regret later if you don’t........
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I think if you want one then you'll probably always want one, but personally I prefer the look of the car without (and the better insulation). I'll admit it's nice to look out of on the rare occasion it's not too hot or too dark to bother, but mine's closed 99.9% of the time.
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I have the panoramic roof, I leave the sunblind open as the cabin feels bigger and brighter that way.
Got the panoramic roof on mine, you'll always wish you had one if you spec it without it !!
Haven't got the pan roof, dont miss having it either, always used to have sunroof when possible but not necessary with air con.
Thanks for all the advise. Funny enough the model (220D AMG premium) I ended up test driving didn't have a glass roof..and it was only afterwards that I had realised this! :D, I guess I was blinded by all the tech inside and lovely the touch screen!
To get the panoramic roof I'd have to jump to the premium plus model with a bigger engine, and overall more running cost. Its annoying that MB make you jump up a model for that option, I think id rather spend the extra on the driver assistance pack tbh.
Only opened mine once when I first bought it to see if it worked. . Not a big thing for me I think it’s all down to the individual. I have black seats and trim so quite dark which is something I like. Maybe go for lighter trim options for a lighter feel?
Yeah i did think of maybe adding a lighter trim, but the only options are red, saddle brown or black. And only the Black appeals to me. tbh I've gotten use to the idea of not having a glass roof now :)
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Same here - only opened our sunroof twice in four years. But the dark glass roof does look good on our GLC which has the black Night Edition Roof Rails and Edge Trim.

Would not spec and pay for a sunroof if buying from new.

Have the panoramic sunroof on mine. My only wish is that there was a way to open it and leave the shade shut, to suck the hot air out for the first few minutes going down the highway. I may tint it, one of these days.
Yeah I've wanted to do that too when it's parked. Opening the shade means the sun will heat the car too much.
Yeah I've wanted to do that too when it's parked. Opening the shade means the sun will heat the car too much.
THE GLC sunroof glass has significant IR and UV blocking treatment. Here in the Australian summer sun ….myself and passengers prefer the glass roof to be closed rather than open, due to the protection it offers. After 3 years of ownership, it is only on the hottest of full sun days where I think there is any benefit in having the cloth blind closed. Older vehicles (no sunroof at all), I have owned get much hotter inside than the GLC when left locked up in the sun.
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