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Glc Turbine fragrance air vent

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I bought these, then went onto purchase the illuminated style vents that match the ambient light,
Ordered for 2019 X253 though shall fit all pre 2019 models

As such I now have these going spare and offer for sale,brand new, never fitted (or removed from box).
These fit the original vent pods and are relatively simple to fit, with several YouTube video showing howto’s, though happy to answer most questions

I offer these for sale for £90 posted within UK
All customs fees have been paid!


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I’d say they are of very good quality
Whilst I installed the ambient vents, these appear of far better quality with the benefit of having to use your original vent pods, the pods is where my “as” fittted is let down albeit I still have my OEM units intact.
Relatively simple to fit install if (as you’ve shown) diy competent
A subtle upgrade that lifts the cabin
Where did you get the ambient light pods from and how easy are they to fit?
Would love to see them
Those fragrance air vents look nice. Too bad they don't come in US GLC model. I'm also not very mechanically inclined so I don't even think I can add them to my GLC without risk of damaging it. My wife would have me sleeping in the dog house for sure.
They look awesome. I'd never be able to do something like that myself but may see if a garage can take a look for me.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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