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GLC urban edition ?

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Hi all looking into ordering a GLC 220d urban edition,looks a lovely SUV.just wondered if anyone has actually got one in the flesh yet and if so what's your thoughts on the comfort suspension and the 20" dealers near me have any in for a test drive any help would be great.
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Sre you will love the car but make sure it has all weather tyres fitted or you will have an issue with crabbing.
thank you i will make sure that box is ticked do we know if the 20" are runflats or not
Anyone had this spec delivered yet and know the lead times ordered Friday was told december
Anyone had this spec delivered yet and know the lead times ordered Friday was told december
Maybe nobody has Learoy, I wouldn't take delivery in December, wait until January as it will be a 2019 car and worth more on resale..
Ordered July/Aug, just been told Dec 22nd to dealer
A location would also help!.
just contacted my dealer still saying first week in december for delivery
I've got a GLC220d Urban in white ordered through a uk lease company. When originally ordered I was told end of Oct but now its due to a dealer (? don't know where) on the 22nd of Nov. I was told they were inundated with orders and have several people waiting if the same deal comes back on, I guess its a popular model due to its price.

I also had my old car serviced at the local MB dealer in Sunderland two weeks ago and they had a GLC250d which I think was the urban edition in grey sat outside, they exist! See pics attached.

Also just found that MB Hull (Listers) have a 220d in blue advertised for sale with lots of good pics.

If I hear anything else I'll post an update.


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When did you first order your lease and what deal did you get.ive purchased mine and got 8k off the list price only paying £29,400
Crewdy let us know which tyres yours comes with mate .I've been told they will be pirelli scorpion Verde summer tyres none run flats.wanted the all weather one but was told that the urban doesn't have the option of all weather or run flat tyres.will be interesting to see what there fitting straight from the factory on 20" wheels
I pushed the button at the start of Aug (around the 3rd) to order the car and I'm on a personal lease deal 3/35/18K @£410pm. Seemed the best deal I could find at the time. Had probs trying to order loads of other makes of cars due to the new emission regs nearly giving up and then saw this appear.

My wife ordered a Disco Sport one month later and its being delivered to her on the 25th of Oct.

I'm not 100% convinced by the date I've been given but you never know.

On run flats, Personally its a fingers crossed for me for non run flats, had a c class previously and not convinced by them. Replacement price, quick wearing and firmer ride being big negatives.
Hi everybody, I ordered mine in the 9/8/18 just got it on Monday hardly had a chance to even play with my new toy due to work , but looking forward to the wknd ! Got a obsidian black 250 On a 4 year lease deal [email protected]£410 fully maintained, it has came fitted with Pirelli scorpion verde tyres and I also think they are summer non run flat!
I can't believe that MB aren 't fitting all season tyres as standard. are you sure they are summer tyres as Scorpion Verde are available as all weathers, if they are they will have M+S on them.
im only going on what the dealer told me when i ticked the box for all season tyres they said you do not have the option to select all season tyres on this model and they will come with pirelli scorpion verde tyres .fingers crossed then that they only fit scorpion verde all seaon tyres
ive asked the dealer again by email lets see what they say i even mention the problem with tyre skipping and warranty
Good luck Learoy, will be interested to hear what they say.
just down loaded the e-brochure and it states urban edition 20x255x45 only on the tryes yet on other models with 20" wheels it states 20x245x45 allweather.Do we know if the AGILITY CONTROL comfort suspension on the urban edition and sport have the same tyre skippy/crabbing as on the Sports suspension tuned for improved handling and driving dynamics on the amg-line.


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