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GLC water in passenger foot-well

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I have a GLC 350 that is 9 months old and the dealership have found approximately 3mm of water in the passenger side foot-well. At first, they thought there was a plug missing in the firewall and water was coming through, unfortunately, they have checked other GLC's and found that this isn't the issue. The cars interior has been stripped and the electronic components and wires on the floor have been immersed in water. Right at this stage they still do not know what the root cause of the issue is and investigations are ongoing.
My question to this forum is should I consider this car as compromised with water penetrating the inside of the car? The water might have been sitting there for at least 2-3 weeks before I got a "Malfunction" on the dash with to alert me to the problem.
Is anyone aware of Mercedes replacing a car in such circumstances?
Your thoughts and comments would be most appreciated.*
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What year?? And exactly where? Any photos?? I have a 2017 glc coupe.. im about to go out and check now
Hi @GLC350 - I have just found myself in the same boat with my GLC but they are blaming us and we have much more water. Did you get anywhere with this as to the cause or outcome?!
Hi! The same hapenned to my father's 8 mons car after heavy rain - a lot of water in driver's side footwell. Dealer investigates now.
Hi I have the same issue with my GLC with water in the footwell. Did the dealer figure out the cause of the problem?
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Could the water be entering the cabin due to a badly fitted pollen filter? I know this has been an issue before on various makes of car.
I have a 2017 GLC 220d. EML came on due to corrosion on electrical connector to front NOx sensor. Dealer says it is due to water entering drivers footwell and seeping through to connector under the car cost of repair over £2500 on car with 27k miles. I like my car but think it would be best to trade it for a Honda or Toyota.
Hi I have the same issue with my GLC with water in the footwell. Did the dealer figure out the cause of the problem?
Says it is leak from windscreen but carpets are dry and I no condensation in cold weather. I think it is BS
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