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GLC250 noisy engine during idle especially on cold start up

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Hi just wondering if anyone else is experiencing a similar problem. We've owned our GLC250 (petrol) for a year now, the engine has always been a bit noisy during idle a bit like a rattling sound, but in the last couple of months it has got noisier during cold starts, it sounds like a loud diesel motor.

We've taken it back to our MB dealer a few times now, but have advised in the first instance that the petrol engines are now using the diesel injector technology which makes them noisier and the latest sound is the actuator rattling due to the design and positioning of the turbo. They showed me another GLC250 that was brand new with a similar issue.

Has anyone else had a similar problem and if so were they able to rectify it?
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I just picked my GLC300 a week ago and stopped at the dealer today to ask about the engine noice. I too was told it was the injectors. I had a 1989 gas MB that sounded like a diesel. I had that car for 10 years with many oil changes and it sounded the same when I sold it at 110,000 miles as it did when first bought. I used a few different grades of oil including synthetic and the noice never went away. The good news is the engine never skipped a beat.
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