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GLC250d Spec Dad’s retirement gift

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Hi everyone,

After many years of hard work as a public school teacher my old man is retiring and I’m finally able to afford to buy him a car, which is soemthing I’ve always wanted to do.

I would love some advice from the collective about advice for the appropriate spec.

background: budget$65-70 AUD based in Australia, used model. Have established I want 250d, he love fuel efficiency and isn’t huge on performance per say like me haha.

initial thoughts:
2016-2018 15-50,000 km , love the AMG line package, 85% sure this is worth it for aesthetics.. he resides in an a metro area with amazing smooth roads, minimal off road and he’d be driving the grandkids around a bit too.

What I would love to know is; what extras are strongly recommended ? Is air body suspension really that good ?
What year models are particular favourites
If buying second hand, what km range would you recommend ?
would you always recommend dealer and paying 10-15% more or private sale with a merc accredited mechanic check?

your guidance and advice would be so so helpful! It’s his first luxury/European car and I want to show my appreciation for all that he’s done for my family.
Big thanks in advance!
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