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GLC300 2022 model 48V Battery Warning

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Hi All
Looking for some advice on the following
My wife was 80 miles away from home and upon starting my car was faced with a 48V Battery warning on the driver console and told to consult owners manual. Can't really find much info on it in the manual. Switching the car off and restarting seems to have cleared it. Managed to get home without any further issues. Car had been switched off for approx 9 hrs before starting when the message came up. Have spoken to mercedes and all they can advise is to bring the vehicle in and want it all day. Wouldn't mind going in armed with at least some information. Car still under Mercedes 3 year warranty. Any thoughts, advice, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Had a starter battery problem with my GLC250 fixed by Mercedes under warranty no problem. Eventually got to the situation where the car wouldn’t start put down to some faulty wiring that was fusing as it tried to start the motor. Don’t know if that helps…
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