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GLC63 vs GLE450

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Hi everyone, appreciate any thoughts, maybe someone has been through the same decisions.

So I am looking for a used (2018+, less than 50 000km) either GLC63 or GLE450. Similar price range. Different cars. Need it for a daily driving, small family (lets say 1 kid in the future, small dog), occasionally longer road trip holiday. Heart beats for the V8, rationally I would choose a bigger car. We have a GLK which is fine so far in terms of space, sometimes (like trips with 3 people, bags, more bags and some more stuff around) - OK then more space would be nice.

Still slightly more inclined for a GLC and having a roof box for stuff like a paddle board or skis (don't want to put dirty stuff inside anyway).

Previously I also drove an SLK350, OK that put smile on my face, but eventually sold. Up to now I believe I would have kept it if it was a 55 model.

That is also the reason I don't want to go with a GLC43. Really nice car, saw it in a shop, but I know, I would not stop thinking about the upper model (like with the SLK). And furthermore the 43 is using a modified M276 engine, which was good, but I already had it and I think it is time to move forward in terms of technology.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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