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Goodbye JLR, hello Mercedes and hello from southern Germany

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Well, after five years of very mixed experiences with LR vehicles Mrs.Chippy and I have now left the JLR fold and rejoined Mercedes.

Our first LR, a FL2, was completely trouble free albeit rather agricultural in terms of modern day vehicles and would now have caused us potential problems with regard to city driving bans in Germany.

Our two DS's were, to put it very mildly, a catastrophe.

The Evoque that followed started off very well, in fact we were extremely pleased with it but a number of niggling problems have developed over the past few months. This, combined with the ongoing problems with the Ingenium engine, the increasingly uncertain future of JLR and in particular our dealer led to us to look for an alternative.

We have known our local Mercedes dealer for since 1986 and have always dealt with the same salesman and, yes he really is a salesman and not an order taker. To cut a long story short, a couple of weeks ago we took delivery of a GLC 250d demonstrator with around 5000 miles on the clock, 6 months old, exactly the extras we needed and several more, and a price of more than 30% under list. He "threw in" a complete set of winter tyres on original MB alloys, the first service and a three year warrany extension.

Our first impressions are extremely positive so all in all we're very happy to be back with Mercedes.

I shall look forward to both reading and contributing to the forum as well as many trouble free kilometres in our GLC.

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Welcome to the forum Chippy, I know that your description of your DS'S as a catastrophe isn't an exaggeration .

The MB forum is a lot quieter than the DS one, basically because there aren't as many issues.

I have had no regrets moving from JLR to MB and hopefully your experience will be the same.
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