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Got a GLC! But panicking!

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Hi All,

I've recently ordered a beautiful GLC Estate GLC 250 4Matic AMG Line Premium 5dr 9g tronic 2.0

However I am panicking!

Myself and my partner have got our newborn whos due to be born in January and I need to know if the car will house an ISO fix. I've got a pebble plus seat and I can't see if maxicosy will fit in it or not!

Someone please help!!!!!
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Hi @josh,

Not sure where you are from but in the UK the car comes with ISOFIX child seat attachment points with top tether in rear
on the two outer seats.
yes i am in the UK but maxi cosy doesn't seem to recongise if this will house the 2 way fix
I could be wrong but I think my granddaughters seat is a maxicosy, from tiny up to I'm not sure where after removing the middle section, but she's 5 now.
This has been used in my previous Audi A6, my wifes' Nissan Juke and now her 2016 Mini clubman. It has also been in my GLC but not using the iSO fix as it's now just the car seatbelt which locks in. I have no doubt that the ISOfix in my car will accept the seat and as far as I know it's standard and all approved seats with that fitting will work.

Have you been in touch with the seat manufacturer or just on the website?

Just looked on line at the base unit ( Maxi Cosi 2Wayfix Base ) which you need to use with your seat and it looks identical to ours so I'd be very surprised if you have any issues.

If I can dig out the base unit I'll try it in my car sometime in the next few days if you need to be certain
i have the pebble plus car seat and I believe it sits on a 2wayfix?

I checked on maxicosy website but it doesn't have GLC estate only GLC coupe (which say it'll fit- so i assume it will in SUV/estate)

I need to know asap!

Thanks so much for your help
Look up the Carwow video on Youtube. I'm sure it's a Maxi Cosi base that he installs in the car and comments on the room.
I had a look today Josh but couldn't find the base to try then my missus told me it's in my sons' loft so no go I'm afraid.

The iso specs in mine on inspection seem to be identical spacing etc to those in my wifes 2016 Mini Clubman which it definitely fits in to.

Why don't you just take the seat base into your nearest dealer and try it in a GLC, that's the first thing I would have done.
By me, there is nothing to worry about. Just try to find a company that provides car seats, and ask them what type of car seat would they recommend.
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