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Greets and Salutations, From Vancouver B.C.

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hello all,

i just registered here and i thought i may as well introduce myself a little. i have a GLC300 4MATIC, Canadian Models come with 4MATIC standard. i ordered it back in June of 2015 and took delivery on January 28th, 2016. ownership has been less then spectacular, but, hopefully that is in the past!

i am a big fan of Mercedes-Benz and my first car was a used Mercedes (i still have it, the SL). i plan to keep it and get buried in it! haha. :laugh: my parents owned Mercedes and i think that is why i fell in love with them.

currently i have a GLC, ML, and SL. all different vintages. i am on the younger side of what would be the stereotypical Mercedes owner age.

i will post about my car and photos when the weather is nicer.
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Welcome to the Forum.
Well that has been a long wait for delivery:frown2:
Hope all goes well now that the gremlins have been rectified>
Cheers Greg
Welcome aboard from the UK. That's a great part of Canada to live in, the view from the top of Grouse Mountain is spectacular !
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