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Has anyone upgraded their wheels

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Hi guys

so just a quick one for discussion. Has anyone upgraded their wheels. I picked up 2020 glc 43. But as its a extra car to my current cars i just got the standard one. But the 19s it came with were horrid.To small for the car and the actual wheels were very chunky. So i purchased a set off after market alloys (20s) and replaced them. But now i find the ride and drive more rough, the steering wheel feels heavy and i feel as though the car does not feel as quick anymore. Even though now the car looks way better. Any thoughts
Cheers Jay.
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I've changed ours just recently from the summer 21's (AMG 43) to winter AEZ 20" winter and do not feel any difference....little noisier due to the tread but not strange for winter tires. I have experienced something like you discussed on a Porsche GT3 which has particularly light weight wheels. Aftermarket wheels looked good but were heavier and made the car feel different. Curious if you find out more.
My previous GLC had the Off-Road-Pack fitted and with slightly raised suspension and 18" alloys it did look a bit odd and wasn't that wonderful in the handling department but did have a very smooth (if somewhat floaty ride).

My current GLC has 20" alloys fitted as original equipment and while the ride is certainly firmer but not rough and its more direct.

It may be that your aftermarket wheels are indeed heavier than the OEM ones
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