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Heat from Engine Bay, normal?

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Hi guys,

First time Merc owner here. Wish you could help.

Bought an used GLC43 2 months ago. Completely love it when driving, nothing to complain except the crabbing issue compared with my previous AUDI Q5 3.0 TFSI.

The other day after about half an hour driving, I've noticed a strong metal and rubber burning/heating smell when I jumped off my car. So I walked around the engine bay area and noticed that the smell is from the engine bay.
Standing in front of the car, I can feel the heat coming from the grill with strong metal/engine smell. It smells normal but very strong and intensive compared other cars I've had. Then moving to both side, the smell comes from the wheel arches/wells with rubber heating/burning smell. It seems like the heat escapes from the wheel arches heats up the tyres and makes that rubber smell.

Here are some background information: comfort mode, normal driving, outside temp 15 C, water temp 3 white and 1 red left, oil temp 97C.

I went to local dealer the other day, and was told diagnosis shows nothing abnormal, and the service manager explained to me that the heat is because there are turbos on each side. It makes some sense for the massive heat from engine bay but not really persuasive for the tyre heating smell. So I'm seeking a second opinion from the owners here.

Sorry for the long story. That's really annoying as every time when I get off the car, I can smell it, and I keep worrying if there's something wrong. I've had 2 AUDIs with 3.0tfsi and a few 2.0T cars and never ever had such issue. Only once I smelled the engine heating smell was when I spirit drove my FOCUS ST in the mountain for over one hour.

My questions are:
1. Are you experiencing the same massive heat from the engine bay?
2. Is the heat coming from your wheel arches and making the front tyre smelly?

Thanks a lot!!!
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I have a 350d and have experienced what you describe on a few occassions. I've had a good look under the bonnet and nothing seems to be awry so I'm not particularly concerned.
@Makefish Your periodic increase in heat around the engine area is simply your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) going through a regenerative cycle. Absolutely normal, the engine management system triggers these higher engine temperatures to burn the soot off which has accumulated in the DPF.

Not sure about a petrol-engined car. Turbos do get insanely hot but I'd only expect this to be noticeable after a period of spirited driving.
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Never had any problem like this on my 43.
The GLC 200's POWERful engine doesn't fume and the 2 wheel drive configuration doesn't crab,
I think that's by design!
But the battery does go flat....If you leave your reading light on.
In the beginning after my purchase, fenders get really hot, but i got use to it, yup its the turbos, thought there should some kind of heat shield in there, anyway no issues just HOT its normal.......
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