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Heated rear window on when off?

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I've become aware my HRW is occasionally and erroneously being activated although the switch is most definitely not on.
First noticed it after a wash wipe sequence and the screen was also hot to touch.
Screen also dries up around the elements after it's been rained on!
I believe this is causing extra drain on the battery as the stop start function very rarely functions unless I've driven 100+ miles. I've had countless messages from Mercedes Me notifying that the battery needs charging despite a replacement battery around 2 years ago.
Anyone else experienced this?
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I've been informed by 2 separate Mercedes main dealers that this isn't a fault and the heated rear window (and heated door mirrors) will switch on automatically when temperatures drop to an unspecified low temperature. I've not seen this mentioned in the handbook or in any online forums
These cars are/have gotten too smart, I believe what the dealer states is plausible
it shall be activated when ambient temps are low
When it rains the braking system is activated on pulse to ensure the brakes remain dry and ready for use......
All in the name of safety and EU directive I believe
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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