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Hello from Buckinghamshire (UK)

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Hello all Newbie here.

Just joined having moved across from the dark side. (Landrover Discovery Sport Forum)
I was on the verge of buying a Discovery sport ...but failed to get a buzz on the second test drive.

I test drove the GLC and immediately decided this is the one for me.

My local dealer had a press owned Cavanite Blue Dec 2015 GLC SE with Premium plus pack 360 camera HUD and drivers pack with 700 miles on clock. I did not like the 17 alloys provided (the ones with small slits) which meant I would have had to buy additional alloys.
The dealership refused to discount a new model so I went a little further afield and a dealer agreed 7% discount on a new model with mats/luggage mat, change of cherished plate etc for about the same price as the used model. I left out the HUD and drivers pack so just went for Sport model (not SE) with Premium plus and 360 degree camera in Cavanite with light interior. Delivery mid-end September.
Just hope I have made right decision. Will post questions in general section!
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Welcome to the forum ! But definitely a good choice not giving in to the dark side ;)
Thanks- not much going on in this Forum?
There was a bit more activity before, But it seems to have died down a little bit, but I'm sure it'll pick up yet again in a little bit
Welcome to the forum! The GLC IMO is a better choice than the Discovery Sport. How did it compare to the discovery?
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