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Hello from damp Devon

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In early May I ordered a 43 in Hyacinth red , premium plus , black leather , black ash and intelligent headlights and was told to expect it in late July , today had a call from the salesman and was told there is a bit of a backlog so I won't get my vehicle till the 14th September. Still it will be a later reg and its just after my birthday so not all bad plus the trade in price for my ML is fixed .

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Hyacinth Red GLC

Hi Andrew and a very warm welcome to the forums. You have made an excellent choice in both the SUV and the colour but, of course, I may be somewhat biased ;). Although Red Ken (named after Ken Livingstone, the ex-leader of the Greater London Council or GLC) only has the poverty spec 220d engine, it has been true love since day one. I think you already know it is a quantum leap forward from your ML. All good things come to he who waits and believe me when I say the wait will be worth it and a 67-plate GLC is a very acceptable birthday present to yourself. I hope you will join Red Ken by adding some photos to the designo Hyacinth/Cardinal Red thread on the forum.

In the meantime just enjoy the summer and start counting down the sleeps.
Thanks for the welcome I'm very much looking forward to getting my hands on the beast as so far I've only
had a drive in a 350 which was very nice and quite pokey but as I feel diesel is going to become a dirty word over the coming years I wanted a petrol and the thought of 367 bhp was quite alluring . I think the most powerful car I've had before was a Porker 928 V8 which churned out 320bhp allegedly but certainly felt quick but was abit hamstrung by a four speed auto box , think of 85mph in second gear! The wait to September is going to feel like forever .

Cheers all Andrew
Welcome Andrew

Believe me the wait will be worthwhile, the 43 is a great car.

Your spec is very similar to mine, the intelligent lights are brilliant.
Welcome to the forums and congratulations on pulling the trigger. Definitely a great choice!

The slight delay doesn't seem too bad and I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Which ML do you have?
Hi Klass I have a W164 320 which still surprises me by how quick it is up to about 70mph , for a big old beast it really can move until you arrive at a sharp bend , it goes round quite well for an heavy SUV but sporty it isn't.
I'm expecting the 43 to handle a bit better but I couldn't get a test drive in a 43 they seem to be like hens teeth in this part of the country.

43 handles well Andrew but it is an suv not a sports car and you have to be aware of this.
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