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Hello glc owners !!!

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I want to see if someone hade the same problem over the I wanted to try the sport plus on my glc 43 amg and ai hade a bad experience...
So the check engine appeared after putting in sport plus mode,I stopped immediately and tried to discover what happened.after few minutes I stopped the engine and restarted after that the check engine disappeared!!!!
I hade already change 1 turbo because problem that I hade earlier
My car is 35000km(22k miles) a 2019

someone hade the same problem?
Ty for all
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It is likely that a sensor somewhere was triggered by a change in the parameters associated with the Sport + mode. It could be something very minor but its probably best to get it checked. I had something similar a few months back although with a diesel engine and the car behaved very oddly with very sluggish power despite high revs and a refusal to change up through the gears even using manual mode. Once I stopped and turned the engine off and on again the "check engine" light disappeared and the car drove normally again.

The dealer had a look at it and thought they had solved the problem only to have it recur almost immediately. They then replaced a faulty sensor.
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