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Just taken delivery of my glc 63s coupe edition 1.... just hope there is no crabbing issues.
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Welcome to the forum and congratulations Drayan, will be interested to know if it crabs, please let us know.

Can you please fill in your location so we know what market you are in.
Location : Australia, Sydney
Has anyone ever had their glc paint protected with Expel Ultimate? Is it worth spending the money on it?
I’m thinking of having it done to protect the matte paint work.
Hi Drayan, you can add your location to your profile for future reference, some queries are market specific.

how are you liking build quality so far? I heard from some owners that road noise is not entirely within the norm of Mercedes products.
No problems with build quality as yet, it only has 100km so far. The wife hasn’t complain about road noise so it must be ok.
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new GLC 63. The edition 1 looks fantastic.
I’ll put some photos in the gallery later today when I pick it up from the workshop. Getting a full car bra ... expel ultimate.
Welcome - I am yet to see any Edition 1s on the road yet, i would definitely get it clear wrapped. the biggest issue is with the Matt paint is that you cant respray sections and match the paint, any marks and its a full respray.
I don't have any brake squeal on mine but it certainly crabs, especially in the wet
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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