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Hi there. New member here. Ordered 250D AMG Line, Prem Plus, Drive Assist Pack, Night Pack (with 20s) in Cavansite Blue on 3rd August. Was told 4th Week October for delivery, but heard nothing else. Getting very excited now, although nervous about the blue - seem to see so many different blues on Mercs, can't tell really which one I've ordered!!!!
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Welcome to the forum. Safest bet would probably be to visit a couple dealerships to see the different blues in person. I think they had that particular color since 2015, so you should be able to find other models in that finish.
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Welcome to the forum JF11H, I haven't seen a GLC in cavansite but have seen a few GLE'S, looks good.
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Should look like this very nice
Thanks! Is this definitely the Cavansite Blue? This is where I get confused as other pics I have seen are darker, and this looks like what seems to be the Brilliant Blue... confusing!

As someone else said, I should have gone dealer searching, but we didn't... and too late now! Oops. We picked the car and the stuff we needed, then just relied on the configurator to pick a colour! Sure it'll be fine!
you are correct just pulled this one up off auto trader it say Cavansite Blue


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yep - that's more like what I am expecting!
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