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Here at last !

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After an agonising wait my GLC 220d sport has arrived ! I dropped the M off yesterday (having been heaped with praise about how clean it was) and picked up the new toy. Very happy with it so far and still working out how things work... Thankfully I've got the Easter holidays to get used to it, although a lot of controls are the same as the M.

Very impressed with the ride quality of the air suspension and it's quite weird when you set it to 'off road' and it lifts itself up. The LED headlights are incredibly bright too, especially on high beam.
Happy :grin2:
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P.S. Pictures of t will be in 'My Garage' as soon as possible.
Great to hear. Post some pictures when you get the chance.

Also let us know how you end up liking it after you've had it for a week or two and get to know it better.

The lifting up when switching to off-road mode is a cool observation and something I'll be watching for in a test drive.
P.S. Pictures of t will be in 'My Garage' as soon as possible.
I guess d stands for diesel? should be good mpg, correct? not sure if d is offered in USA
No, at the moment there are no diesel options to the US, although the 2.0l turbo petrol unit that is offered looks a serious bit of kit. 273 lb ft of torque and 241hp is a decent output for a 2.0l petrol (my 2150cc diesel only manages around 295 lb ft of torque and 170hp and is quite nippy) and it may find it's way into the coupe version in Europe, who knows ?

It should be very economical, my former diesel M Class could average 40mpg (UK gallon @ 4.5l) on a run and it had a near identical engine. The higher spec 250d has the same engine as the M which puts out 204hp and around 370 lb ft of torque and will be very brisk in the lighter GLC, one of the reasons I didn't go for that option ! I'm hoping to see an average of 40mpg (UK) around the doors and 47/8 mpg on a longer run. When it get's a few miles on the MPG will improve a bit as it's not that good at the moment, exactly like my M Class was, that took about 600 miles before it started to return good economy. I guess it's just the new motor bedding in ?
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Great to hear. Post some pictures when you get the chance.
The garage is near full of pictures :grin2:
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