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Hi, I'm Dean

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Hi, I'm Dean.

I purchased a new 2017 GLC 300 Coupe in April. We had been driving BMWs (4 of them) since 2001. The GLC 300 Coupe replaced a 2015 X3. My last Mercedes was a 1994 E400 sedan which I remember was a great car. The GLC now has 4,000 miles on the odo from a two week trip from Arizona to Texas visiting family. The move back to Mercedes was validated on this trip. We had zero issues, traveled quickly in controlled comfort and now remember the difference between a Mercedes and a Bimmer. The Sport package on the GLC makes it as sure footed as a BMW with more comfort being an added plus.

Glad to be a part of this forum and hope to keep up to speed and learn more about the GLC from you folks here. We are still sorting through the Infocenter which is smarter than me for sure.
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