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Hi there! Just trying to get to know my 2015 GLK250

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I 've just recently purchased my 2015 GLK 250 TURBO DIESEL. I am not mechanically minded at all but I would like to know more about this MB model. I have had this vehicle for 4 months with 72,000km at onset of purchase. It is now at 85,000km. I 've had the oil change at 82,000km with original MB oil and filter required as well as the ADBLUE (Service A). The coolant thermostat sensor had to be replaced(warning on dashboard" COOLANT VERY HOT") with car mileage at 84, 600km and unfortunately, the car thermostat was not changed at the same time, consequently I am only getting heat in the cabin intermittently. This means another 3hr shop charge. My first mistake was only taking my vehicle to my mechanic who claimed to have knowledge of these vehicles.

Is it normal to have this type of a problem on a vehicle of this age? I've only had this suv for 4 months?

I am aware that the GLC MODELS HAS REPLACED THE GLK but why was this done? Was this for styling or mechanics.?

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