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Hitch -- After market/factory

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I've purchased a GLC but one thing I overlooked was the need for a hitch (just for a bike rike... won't be used for any "real" hauling). I just assumed that I would be able to get the factory hitch installed afterwards... apparently I was wrong.

Is this true? I really don't have an option to get the factory hitch post-purchase?

Does anyone have any experience with any 3rd party hitches?

I could obviously just use a roof mount for my bike, but I'm trying to avoid that as it's just a pain.
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Brink to the rescue - click on the link below
No idea what that thing is. :)

I probably should've specified that this is for a US version.
Ah, the problems with global products...
When I first bought our GLC - the factory railings and ski rack were not available yet, and I also looked into after market, and couldn't find anything because the GLC was too new. I spoke with our sales person, and there is generally about a 2 month lag time with MB to offer their factory racks/hitches. I just waited it out, and we just recently got our rail and rack installed by MB. I would suggest talking with the service/accessories guy at your dealership, and they will give you an accurate time frame when it would be available.
If you have the automatic lift gate option (motion activated) a hitch will negate or interfere with the mechanism.
I'm surprised the dealer didn't tell you the pros and cons of pre and post... (that's if you even mentioned to them that you're thinking about getting a hitch).

Other than that, I don't know any other solutions for that, have you try checking with the parts dept?
I disagree

See my post on the Factory tow bar. I think I've figured it out.
I just drove a loaner with an auto lift and a tow package installed. No problem.
But it was installed at the factory rather than added on after the fact ??
It's probably factory, aftermarket tow bars may not have the right wiring harnesses and such.
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